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Joseph Pettinella's blog

Examining Subtle Factors in Home Value

When determining a home's market value, there are major characteristics that rightly command most of the attention; things such as square footage, neighborhood, and the number of bedrooms are both obvious in importance and easy to quantify. However, there are an almost innumerable amount of more subtle factors that also come into play, a fact examined in a recent study by real estate analytics company HouseCanary. They sought to determine the effect of 5 "hidden" characteristics on a home's value. These details might not always receive an obvious, or even conscious, emphasis, but they are nevertheless connected to the market value of the home. In fact, significant correlations not only exist for things like frontage length and backyard slope, but they also show distinct regional trends.

Celebrate Poughkeepsie on April 6 with Books & Brew

Everyone is looking forward to the return of First Friday Poughkeepsie in May, but it turns out that we won't have to wait quite that long to get a taste of this great local event! On Friday, April 6, First Friday will be holding a preview event called "Books & Brew – A Night Out in Poughkeepsie" with the Adriance Memorial Library as the featured location! Make sure you come out for a night of fun starting at 5 p.m. at the event's many participating venues.

Trees Are Valuable in More Ways Than One

It seems reasonable to assume that most people consider trees to be a positive landscaping feature. Following that train of thought, most people would probably guess (correctly) that houses with trees sell for more money than houses without trees; however, far fewer people would be able to correctly guess the size of the price difference. Go ahead, decide on a number in your head. Ready for the answer? According to the U.S. Forest Service's Pacific Northwest Research Station, having even a single tree in front of an urban house increases that home’s sale price by an average of $7,130! Even if you don't plan on selling, that same tree can provide serious benefits in other ways as well.