Planning a renovation? Having the Answers to Key Questions is Critical

A home remodel is a daunting task and it is very important to have all your questions answered before work ever begins. Whether you are considering buying a home that needs major renovations to a short weekend refresher of a small space it is critical to have everything in place in order to save on time, money and any future headaches.

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Hosting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner is often the goal of many families and here are some ideas that will make this year a year to remember. 

Older Home Buyer? Be Aware of Potential Old-Home Issues

Are you an old home person?  We love older homes too!  They are often built with high-quality, custom materials and have loads of character.

Keep Your Property Looking Its Best In Fall & Winter

We're now a month into the fall season and winter will soon be here. But now is not the time to neglect a home’s exterior, especially if it’s going to soon be listed for sale.

Advantages of Pre-Sale Inspections

Home sellers are increasingly electing to have their homes inspected either prior to listing their home for sale, or prior to finding a buyer.

This Is Why You Should Buy in the Fall

Most people automatically picture the warm summer months when they think about buying a home, but that doesn't mean that the other seasons are off limits; in fact, there are good reasons to con