Creating A Outdoor Space That Fits Your Needs

Outdoor living has really come to the forefront these days as we try to figure out ways to enjoy the outdoors in a socially distant way. What better way to get some fresh air than to do some work in your own yard. The benefits of having a green space has been proven over and over with producing an overall improved mood and a lowering of stress which is something we all need. Here are a few tips to make your yard serve the purpose you want it to.

Being able to balance your green space will allow each area to thrive. By landscaping your lawn with each purpose in mind will allow you to create a balance that works for you. The foliage can serve as barriers between your neighbors, play areas for the kids can be created and you can also plant in order to provide food for local butterflies and birds. Bees also benefit from any flowering plants that you may incorporate into your lawn.

You should also be cognizant of the types of plants you are planting and not plant anything that might prove toxic to pets. They are inquisitive and you may never know what they may decide to sample.  For a list you can visit the ASPCA and check out their list of toxic plants. You also do not want to plant anything that will not be able to survive in your climate. Planting plants that are hearty and climate resistant will help local wildlife have a source of food and shelter. For more information about planting the right plants for your climate zone check out the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

Each lawn has its own needs so be sure that you can handle what you plant. Noone wants to spend every weekend forever tending their green space. Having the right tools can also help you get the job done. There is much to choose from and by doing some research you can find out what's best for you.

When choosing a home you want to be able to visualize the lawn in each season and have a good idea what its needs will be throughout the year. These might be questions you will want to ask a seller. Sometimes they will provide pictures of what the home looked like in past seasons. This can help you see what you are in for and what you will be able to enjoy in the future.