Easy Steps to Make Your Home More 'Green'

More buyers and home owners are ranking energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly home features high in surveys.

When placing your home on the market, be sure to give your agent a list of all the 'green' energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly features you have in your home.  These features do make a difference for buyers, and may cause your home to sell faster and for more money.  

You can also realize considerable savings on your monthly utility bills.

Here is a list of some easy steps you can take to make your home more 'green'.

  • Swap out the light bulbs for LED light bulbs, which can be 80% more energy efficient and last as much as 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Have a programmable thermostat that can save you about $180 a year in energy costs, according to Energy Star.
  • Trade in your old water heater for a heat pump hot water heater that can be more than twice as efficient as standard electric resistance tanks.
  • Add aerators to faucets and shower heads to limit the amount of water that is used.
  • Add Energy Star-qualified ceiling fans that can be 50 percent more efficient than conventional units.
  • Use Energy Star appliances for savings in monthly utility bills.
  • Replace old faucets with low-flow faucets to save water.
  • Replace old windows with dual-pane energy-efficient windows.

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