Selling in Winter? Follow This Staging Advice

Although many homeowners only consider selling during the summer months, there are some advantages to selling in the winter. For instance, the smaller number of homes on the market makes it easier for your home to stand out to potential buyers. Plus, if you manage to create some buzz around your sale, then you might be able to leverage that interest into a higher sale price as buyers compete for the limited homes available. Of course, one of the most important aspects to generating a hot listing (even during the cold months) is proper staging. Keep reading to learn some important tips for staging a home during the winter!


Take advantage of holiday cheer

If you are staging your home to sell prior to the start of the new year, then you will definitely want to take advantage of the warm feelings people associate with the holiday season. A well-placed wreath on the front door and an elegantly-decorated tree can do wonders to help buyers picture themselves enjoying the holidays in your home. Avoid garish displays like inflatable lawn snowmen and overly-religious decor like a life-sized nativity replica; after all, not everyone has the same beliefs. Whatever you do, do not leave holiday decorations up after the start of the new year! Doing so will make buyers think you were too lazy to put everything away and imply that the home has been sitting unsold on the market.

Keep everyone nice and toasty

As potential buyers tour the home, the last thing they'll want is to be reminded of the cold air outside. Turn the thermostat up a few degrees higher than you would normally have it set and be sure to seal any drafts in the home before you show it. Do not leave any towels tucked under drafty doors; this is a dead giveaway that the home is poorly insulated. Of course, the best way to stay warm while also improving the home's coziness is to have a beautiful fire going in the fireplace during any showings. You can even bake cookies or make a pot of coffee to help warm buyers as they first come in from the cold and provide a pleasant aroma.

Don't ignore curb appeal

Even if the entire property is covered in snow, there is no excuse for ignoring the exterior's curb appeal! Yes, landscaping is less important during the winter, but you can still place some potted evergreens around the front door for a splash of color. Speaking of color, a fresh coat of paint on the front door can really make it pop among all that snow, even from the street! As for the snow, make sure that the driveway and front walkway are well-shoveled before you even think of hosting buyers. It also helps to clean out your gutters prior to the arrival of winter, as this will minimize future ice build-up.

By following these tips, you are sure to be the listing that all the buyers are talking about this winter! For even more staging advice, check out this article on