Simple Tasks To Do Before Selling Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home and you feel that the bones of your home are strong and no major renovation is necessary? Well, even though you think your house has it all together there may be small things that may turn off a prospective buyer. They may just be regular things you should be doing to keep up on regular maintenance in order to extend the life of your appliances or to freshen up appearances. Either way you have to be on top of these items so that when you can start showings on a more regular basis you are ready for it.

A fresh coat of paint will serve you well in your hopes of landing a good price on your home. Picking a neutral color palette that showcases the best qualities of the rooms will be beneficial to you. This can all be taken care of in a couple of days, over a weekend or if the project is larger you may have to call in a professional. The cost will be more if you hire someone to come in however, if you are not confident in your abilities then its best to call someone in so that you aren't paying for your mistake twice!

First impressions are key when showing a house. If you drive up to a house that has patchy grass and an overall unkempt yard then it will sour the rest of the experience. Be sure that your yard is properly taken care of and all fixtures and doors are freshly painted and cleaned. The yard does not have to be in award winning status but it should be presentable and fresh to the viewer. The front door and entryway should be free of debris and the front path should be weeded and fixed of any gross imperfections. You don’t want any prospective buyers tripping on their way into the home.

Because of the recent events with COVID-19 a lot of us have been home a great deal more than in the past. Appliances that were once used once a day or every other day are now running on a more regular basis. How many times a day has your dishwasher been running? Kids these days seem to produce more dirty dishes than ever. The same goes for loads of laundry. Once you get all caught up the piles start reappearing. These appliances need to be maintained now more than ever. Check any hoses or filters that may need to be cleaned or changed on all of your major appliances including the refrigerator and the air conditioning unit. This will extend the life of your appliances and it will mean that a large purchase will not be in your future.

hardwood flooringWhile painting can freshen up your walls, your floors are also a very impactful part of any space. If you have hardwood throughout the home it is best to think about resurfacing them if possible. Unless the house is empty this might be a harder task to get done. It most likely will pay off in the long run if you can have a consistent level of flooring throughout the home. Any carpet that needs to be replaced or cleaned should be taken care of as well. A few days with a steam cleaner may be all it takes to make the floors be presentable.

While you may not have the budget for a complete overall of your home you do want to be able to show off any potential that it has by making it look as fresh, welcoming and as move-in ready as you can make it. Simple do-it-yourself projects that show well will only be to your benefit as you begin the journey of selling your home. If you are in need of an agent to help you in this process please check out our Offices and Agents page. They will be able to both help you sell your home and help you find a home to buy.