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Home Selling Advice

Sell in May or June for the Highest Price Premiums

It's a question that's front and center in every home seller's mind: when should I sell? As I've shown before, timing market conditions is not easy and should not be your primary concern when answering this question. However, all else being equal, there are some strong indicators that certain specific times of the year are better when it comes to selling. In fact, you might want to get your home on the market as soon as possible, because a recent study showed that May was the month with the highest average premium on home sale prices!

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Home Sale

When it comes time to sell their home, many homeowners have trouble looking objectively at their beloved abode. This lack of insight can lead to problems later on, such as unforeseen repairs, poor interior design, and impractical pricing. Rather than dive into the process with unrealistic expectations, sellers should do their best to prepare for the sale, and one of the best ways to do this is to seek outside opinions. In this post, I've outlined four different sources for honest assessments of your home!

3 Reasons Not to Worry About Selling Too Soon

If you are one of the many home owners considering selling in the near future, chances are good that the following thought has at least crossed your mind "I don't want to lose out on profit by selling too early". While this may seem like a legitimate concern, especially considering the ongoing increase in home prices, Realtor.com recently pointed out three flaws in this thinking. In reality, there is little reason to be overly concerned with the timing of your sale within the current market as long as it fits your personal timeline.