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These Exterior Improvements Yield the Best Returns

When considering whether to invest money into a home project, it's important to consider the context. For homeowners who plan on selling in the near future, the key thing to consider is the Return on Investment (ROI), or the proportion of money expected to be recouped by the project's resulting increase in home value. In contrast, owners who plan on staying put will want to focus on adding to their own happiness with the home. In this post, you can learn which outdoor improvements yield the best returns in both money and happiness! There are even some great options that can satisfy both owners and future buyers! 

Sell in May or June for the Highest Price Premiums

It's a question that's front and center in every home seller's mind: when should I sell? As I've shown before, timing market conditions is not easy and should not be your primary concern when answering this question. However, all else being equal, there are some strong indicators that certain specific times of the year are better when it comes to selling. In fact, you might want to get your home on the market as soon as possible, because a recent study showed that May was the month with the highest average premium on home sale prices!

3 Reasons Not to Worry About Selling Too Soon

If you are one of the many home owners considering selling in the near future, chances are good that the following thought has at least crossed your mind "I don't want to lose out on profit by selling too early". While this may seem like a legitimate concern, especially considering the ongoing increase in home prices, Realtor.com recently pointed out three flaws in this thinking. In reality, there is little reason to be overly concerned with the timing of your sale within the current market as long as it fits your personal timeline.

Can't Afford A Home Stager? Here Are Inexpensive DIY Staging Tips

Everyone wants their home to look like it's been staged by HGTV designers, but the cost may be prohibitive for some sellers. Depending on the location and fee structure, a professional home staging can set you back anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour and take many hours of work to achieve a complete multi-room look. Of course, there is no doubt that professional staging gets homes sold faster and usually for more money, which makes the expense a tough decision for a home seller on a budget. Luckily, there there are some inexpensive things you can do to your home to present it at its best to potential buyers without breaking the bank!

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Almost all buyers today make their purchase offer contingent on a satisfactory home inspection. Having the inspection completed by a professional is recommended by most REALTORS® as a way to lessen the chances of unpleasant, budget-breaking surprises for the home buyer.

As the seller, what should you expect from the home inspection, and how can you prepare your home ahead of time to get the best result? In general, it's best to thoroughly review the major systems in your home: heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, roofing, siding, and external water penetration.

Home Sellers: How To Prepare For The First Meeting With Your Agent

To equip your agent with everything they need to effectively market and sell your home, you should be prepared to provide them with as much information as possible up front. Anything you can do to make your agent's job easier is going to benefit you during the process of selling. 

So what should you get in order for your first meeting with your real estate agent?

1. Get a general idea of what you home may be worth by looking at recent comparable sales in your neighborhood/area as well as current listed properties that are most like yours. Sometimes market conditions will be in your favor, and sometimes you may be disappointed. But, regardless of the market, doing a little research on your own will help you and your agent create a realistic plan for selling your home. See how a professional real estate agent prices your property.