5 Habits of Effective Agents

#1 - Effective Agents have Mentors

No matter how productive we are, there is someone out there doing more. Someone has walked the path that you are on and they have discovered the benefits and possible pitfalls that you will face. Productive agents seek them out and learn from them. Who is your mentor?

#2 - Effective Agents have Rituals

When you study business people who are top producers, you will find that they are creatures of habit. They understand that having a structured system and following that system is critical to success. They commit to a process and believe the result will appear.  If you look at their daily calendar, you will see that they get to the office at the same time, generate new business at the same time, eat lunch at the same time, and typically go home at the same time. Consistency is critical. What is your ritual?

#3 - Effective Agents Create Solutions

Agents usually do one of two things when a problem or even chaos appears; They either focus on the problem and the problem gets bigger or they focus on the solution and the problem goes away. One simple way to increase effectiveness is to focus on the solution throughout your day. By the way…society rewards problem solvers.  What problem can you solve today?

#4 - Effective Agents know how to Execute

Most real estate agents create visions and set goals. Obviously, setting a goal does not mean that you will reach your goal. In order to increase your effectiveness, an agent MUST have a goal, write a plan to reach that goal and then EXECUTE. What plan will you execute?

#5 - Effective Agents are Accountable

It is a fact that you are more likely to get up early in the morning and work out if you know you have a partner waiting for you…that’s accountability at its best. It is also a fact that you are more likely to execute your plan and reach your goals if you have someone to hold you accountable. Some people like accountability, some dislike accountability, yet effective agents love accountability. Where in your business do you need accountability?

I hope that sharing these notes with you can make some difference in your business. As you can see, becoming effective and increasing production is not that difficult. I suggest we all implement one or two of these habits in our daily routine. Wishing you Success!


Originally written by the late Mike Berry, real estate mentor, trainer and consultant.