New Construction Division

We represent the finest home builders in the Hudson Valley who are committed to customer satisfaction, outstanding value and fine craftsmanship. Homes that are built to meet your needs.

Our team includes agents, custom builders, architects & civil engineers. Each in turn takes the time to work with buyers, from the selection of a building site to the design of beautiful new home that meets their needs.

Contact a reputable local builder  with your questions, or contact your CENTURY 21 Alliance Group agent.  We'll guide you every step of the way.

Below are front renderings of some high quality homes that have been built in our community by our building company affiliates.

Beacon NY           Beacon NY          


Guide to Purchasing New Construction

Select A Geographic Area
  • That fits your lifestyle
  • Is within reasonable commuting distance
  • Consider location of family, friends and facilities
  • An area you can afford
Select A Builder
  • Chose members of a professional builders associations
  • Check references
  •  Visit developments they have built
  • Inspect a house under contruction
  • Ensure they provide a Homeowners Warranty
  • Lead times for completion
Choosing the Site for your Home
  • Understand local zoning requirements
  • School Districts
  • Municipal water/sewer vs well/septic
  • Sloped v. Level lot
  • Size of Lot
  • Location
Determine Deposit
  • Typically 5-10-15% down
  • Can range up to #35% or hider.
Pre-Settlement Inspection
  • Be thorough
  • Consider a Professional
After Closing
  •  Look for settlement cracks, nailpops or other imperfections