Keep Your Property Looking Its Best In Fall & Winter

We're now into the fall season and winter will soon be here. But now is not the time to neglect a home’s exterior, especially if it’s going to soon be listed for sale.

Here are a few tips to help you embrace the fall season and keep your property looking its best:

  • Rake up leaves frequently.
  • Inspect your gutters regularly and remove any leaves that get trapped.
  • Keep weeding garden beds and walkways.
  • Remove all annual flowers that are no longer blooming. Dead vegetation gives the impression of a home not cared for.
  • Fertilize your lawn before the ground freezes. This will give your grass a head start in the Spring. 
  • Readjust the timers on outdoor lighting since it now gets dark earlier.
  • Redesign your urns and flowers pots to reflect a fall theme.
  • Create a simple fall display on the porch. Pumpkins add a punch of color and provide a warm, welcoming look when blended with something interesting like a couple of antique lanterns, for example.  Be careful not to add too many items to the display or it will appear too cluttered.
  • If there’s a swing or rocking chair on your porch, add cushions with a generous amount of orange in them to tie everything together.

If you pay this much attention to the exterior of your home, buyers will be anxious to see what awaits them behind the front door.