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Rabbits Destroy Your Garden? Here Are A Few Tips To Keep Them At Bay

With all of this free time you may have enjoyed these past few months perhaps you decided to plant a garden and by chance all of that hard work might have gone right down the drain all due to a waskily rabbit. Want to know how to get rid of these munchers in a safe and humane way? Here are a few tips that might help save you from the worry of losing all that work you may have done. It might even keep away some other critters that have been feasting on your garden.

What Buyers Are Looking For In Their Next Home Purchase

The want of having the “perfect” listing to advocate the sale of your home is great when you begin the process of marketing your home to the public. How you write and describe your home can mean the difference between 20 showings and 5 showings. It can also come down to both the pictures of your property and how you present the rooms that you have.

Renovations Can Bring About Important Questions

Once you decide to tackle a DIY or a contractor based renovation there are certain questions you need to ask yourself before you move forward with the work. If you decide to go ahead with a renovation without thinking through it completely it may lead to a failed attempt or even running out of money before the project is completed. Noone wants to live around a perpetual work zone that feels like it will never go away.

Make Sure That You Move The Safest Way Possible

Even though the circumstances pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting every scope of our lives there are certain things that have to happen whether we have a stay at home order or not. So if you are in the situation that you have to move then there are certain precautions that you can take to make the process go as smoothly and safely as possible. If it is at all possible that you can wait then it may be something you should think about. However, at this point there is no concrete evidence that says this all will be over anytime soon.

How To Navigate A Virtual Open House

During these unprecedented times doing things the “normal” way has been thrown out the window. Although we might not be ever going back to the whole “pre-COVID” way of doing things so until things change for the better we may have to be getting used to a new way of viewing a home that you are looking into buying. Gone are the days of roaming from open house to open house on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Looking at a home virtually may be your only option at this time. Thankfully with the help of the internet you can be on your way to seeing properties in no time.

Cleaning Myths You May Not Know You Are Following

Cleaning your home is a chore many of like to put off until the last possible moment but did you know that there may be cleaning rituals that you may be doing that may be harming certain areas? With all this time we have on our hands it seems like it might be a good idea to really check out some of our routines and see where we can improve in some ways. Here are some myths that you may have been partaking in that are just completely false. Maybe you can see yourself in some of these house cleaning myths.