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First Time Home Buyers and When To Start the Home Search

Deciding on the right time to buy a home is a big decision and knowing when that opportunity is possible is key. There are often misconceptions about home buying that people often believe that deter them from even doing the research necessary to find out if home ownership is right for them.

Advice For Homeowners with a Hard to Sell Home

During the winter months it may be harder to sell a home that in the warmer months. However, the weather might have nothing to do with it and a new strategy may need to be implemented. Here are some things that can be considered for a property that has sat on the market a little too long.

Design That Stands the Test of Time

Some of the design trends of the last decade are best to be forgotten and some may stand the test of time. Knowing which ones are timeless is hard to know but here are a few that many think are well utilized.

Happy New Year!

All of us at Century 21 Alliance Realty Group wish you and your loved ones a year filled with special moments, joy, and prosperity.

Kitchen Trends That Will Be Popular in the New Year

Kitchen trends for the new year as they continue to be a central point in the home. While white is a central color used in kitchens other new colors are making inroads in design for one of the most popular rooms in your home.

Creating a Stress Free Atmosphere in Your Home

Most homeowners see their home as a place where they can relieve the stress from a hard day’s work. Making sure that there are places set aside in the home to help make this happen is often key to attracting a buyer for a home. Little upgrades that you can include before you list a house will go a long way.