Design That Stands the Test of Time

Some of the design trends of the last decade are best to be forgotten and some may stand the test of time. Knowing which ones are timeless is hard to know but here are a few that many think are well utilized.

Using art as a design tactic has always been a wise choice but these days it has moved from being known as only being used by a more well to do clientele to being universally available. No need for an art degree to curate one's own collection of pieces. Knowing what you like and how it works in each situation is all you need to have a use for great art. Accessibility to art has also changed in the last decade so that everyone can be a part of this great design trend.

Being part of global trade and the movement of ideas across country lines has always been and is continuing to be a great thing within the scope of design. Incorporating different fabric and colors from other countries has been extremely popular. People can find influance from trips they have taken or even explore their own heritage into their homes.

In the past lightning was often regulated to task oriented situations or in some cases meant to highlight art. These days a lot more is being done to bring lighting design into the forefront. Making sure that each situation is accounted for in the lighting scheme is becoming a choice that more homeowners are making.

Overall the trends towards taking chances and maybe going beyond the normal scope of typical design is a good thing. Being able to incorporate your own touch and style to your home is key to making it the best possible space for you and your family. If you are sitll looking for a space for you and your family to call your own please contact one of our offices to begin the process of finding your dream home!