Don't Say These Things in an Offer Letter

If you're trying to get a home seller to accept your offer, a personal letter can be one of the simplest and most powerful tools at your disposal. Understandably, sellers often feel an emotional connection to the home, and a heartfelt note can help assure them that it will be loved and cared for after they have moved on. Of course, there is also some inherent risk in personal communication with someone who is ultimately on the opposite side of a negotiation; after all, you don't want to say something that could inadvertently worsen your position. Keep reading to see a few examples of phrases that you'll want to avoid saying in an offer letter and why they could potentially harm your chances at landing the home.

1. Anything that makes you seem desperate

First and foremost, don't say anything in the offer letter that gives the seller the upper hand in the sale. Even though you want to be honest with them, it is important to remember that this is still an extremely importantly financial negotiation for both of you. Phrases to avoid: "I would do anything for this house", "I need to close before this date", "This house is my only option", etc.

2. Anything that could be offensive

The goal of the letter is essentially to make the seller like you more, which means that you won't want to include any statements that could conceivably cause offense. Although this isn't always easy to do, there are a few sensitive topics that are best avoided entirely. Religion and politics are two obvious examples, but another is the decorating or design of the house itself. Even if the comment seems benign to you, the seller might take it as an affront to their sense of taste. Phrases to avoid: "I can't wait to repaint the living room", "The kitchen will look amazing after I replace the cabinets", etc.

3. Anything negative about the offer

This might seem like an obvious topic to avoid, but buyers are often tempted to mention shortcomings in their offer as a way to seem more honest and open in the letter. Phrases to avoid: "I know it's a low offer", "I'm sorry about all the contingencies", etc.

These are just a few of the potentially damaging mistakes that buyers make when writing an offer letter. For more advice about this topic, check out this article from