Kitchen Plants Are A Perfect Way to Brighten Your Space

The addition of plant life to any location in your home is a positive thing and should be considered. However, the kitchen is often a popular place to gather and display greenery. A kitchen with an abundance of light or even a kitchen with low light can benefit from plants. Certain plants do better in some situations and here are a few that can flourish in kitchens.

Herbs are an extremely popular choice for the kitchen. The use of these herbs in recipes earn their way into even the smallest of collections of plants. Herbs can often be grown in their own small pots or even a window sill box. Rosemary, Thyme and Basil are some of the more common herbs chosen and are easy to manage.

You don’t often think of the top of your cabinets as a place for plants but some can often thrive up there with both low and full light situations. The spider plant is one of these types and iIt can even be hung from the ceiling to save countertop space. Pothos is another type of plant that can thrive in these environments. It is easy to take care of and is a hearty plant that will come back from the brink if you happen to forget about it. Ivy on the other hand needs more light to survive so if you don’t get an ample amount of light it is best to not pick ivy. If you do have a bright kitchen ivy can make quite the statement.

Plants that have a use in the kitchen are obvious choices when choosing what to grow in your space. Herbs, of course, are the most useful for cooking purposes but what about some other needs? Burn yourself while handling a hot pot? Then aloe is the plant for you. Just snip a piece and use the gel inside the plant on the burn and it will help soothe and heal the burn. Venus fly traps are a carnivorous plant. They can be used to trap bugs that may happen to be around them. This can help keep the area free of some bugs. Lavender is helpful in that it can repel bugs in your kitchen which is very desirable. It also smells great and is a pretty plant to look at.

Now if you are one to ignore your plants and fail to keep on a proper watering schedule than succulents, cacti and also air plants are the right choice for you. Air plants can hang out pretty much everywhere will no fuss or muss. They can take care of themselves. Now there are certain plants that don’t require much water and if you are the forgetful type then maybe succulents and cacti are right for you. They often only need watering once a week or even just a couple times a month.

Whatever you choose to brighten up your kitchen space it is important to make sure that you are on top of the care schedule as best you can. Everything is an app on your phone these days so there is always a way to set reminders to care for your plants. Your kitchen should be your hub of your family and everything will look and feel better in  your kitchen if there is plant life so choose what fits your lifestyle!