Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Furnace

As with many of the objects in your home, you probably don't give much thought to your furnace unless something goes wrong. As we enter the depths of the winter season, it is important to pay a little bit of extra attention to your furnace in order to ensure that it continues to operate effectively and efficiently for your family. Keep reading to learn about some simple but important maintenance tasks which will help keep your furnace healthy all year long.

When's the last time you changed your furnace's filter?

It's a question which some of us might be embarrassed to answer. Your furnace's filter helps to keep the air in your home clear of things like dust, mold, and other allergens, but as it becomes clogged it can force the appliance to work harder to move air. Luckily, changing the filter is simple; most simply slide in/out of either the furnace itself or where the furnace meets the ductwork. You should change your filter at least once per year, but you might need to change it more often if you have lots of furry friends or sensitive allergies.

Ceiling fans help in any season

You might think of ceiling fans as only existing to provide a cooling breeze in the summer, but the reality is that they can also be helpful in the winter by reversing their spin. Hot air rises, which means that it tends to collect along the ceiling where occupants (and the thermostat) can't feel it. Most ceiling fans allow you to reverse their spin with a simple button, which causes them to blow air down rather than up. As a result, the fans will help force warm air into the living spaces of your home.

Don't block return vents

Your return vents are the ones through which your furnace sucks in new air and blocking them can reduce the appliance's efficiency. Obviously, you should try to avoid blocking any of your furnace's vents, but return vents often seem less important because they don't provide noticeable air flow. Take a look around your home to see if any vents have been covered up by furniture or other items.

Schedule a check-up

The best way to keep your furnace in tip-top shape is to have it inspected by a professional, particularly if it is an older model. Yearly or semi-yearly check-ups will ensure that issues are dealt with before they can result in further damage or repairs.

These are some of the simplest ways in which you can keep your furnace roaring for years to come! For even more tips about proper furnace maintenance, check out this article on