Overlooked Issues That May Be A Dealbreaker For Prospective Buyers

Beyond hiring a professional stager for your home there are a few things that may turn off people when they view your home both in pictures and at the open house. Sometimes there are certain things that may “turn-off” a buyer without you even realizing it. This may be a thing that you have lived with for a long time and you may have just not realized what message it may send.

Safety is a key concern among many people but when you are seeing multiple locks on all the doors then you may be sending the message that the area is unsafe. Anything over two locks can be considered excessive and might be taken the wrong way. The best thing to do is emphasize and highlight any other safety features that the property does have that will give any prospective home buyer piece of mind. Everyone has safety on their mind but might be off put by seeing a door with four locks on it.
If you do not hire a stager to come in and either do a consultation or to re-do some rooms you have to be able to look at your property with new eyes. Are you proud of the deer head mounted on the wall of your dining room? Sure, but taxidermy doesn't always play well to everyone. Since you are trying to get as many looks at your home as possible then storing anything that may turn people off may be the right thing to do. This would go for any artwork or decor that could be seen as controversial as well. Better to pack those things away for the new home and present a more amiable facade to the public.

Home inspections can make or break a deal so it is important that any renovation that you may have done be up to code. Even if you are selling the home as-is there are still certain thresholds that should be met. Not having anything that would endanger a buyer while viewing the property would be a start. If they are prevented from viewing the entirety of the property due to construction then you may be premature in your listing frame of time. Any work that may have been done quickly and without care can sometimes show and will be a red flag to a buyer. While there is nothing wrong with doing work around your home yourself you need to make sure 1. You are able to handle the job and 2. If you can't know when to call someone who can.

While your pets are an everyday part of your life they do not need to be involved in the selling of your home. This can range from their pet food bowls being out to little balls of fur that seem to float along your hardwood floors at times. It is important that these little things are taken care of before your house can be shown. It will also mean that our furry companions should be out of the house during the open house and any showing that you may have. Perhaps you can strike up a deal with a neighbor or a family member so that you can have them go on a play date there during these times.

It is often said that you become nose blind to smells that you have been living with for a long time. This is true of your home as well. This is why your agent can tell you the deal on what may need to be done to resolve this. Oftentimes it comes down to the removal or replacement of carpet. If it goes beyond that then you may have to spend some more time fixing the issue. Febreeeze and candles will help but if a buyer goes into a home that has an overbearing scent they may take that as a warning that it is covering something up. Hopefully a light candle or cookies baking will be all that you need.

Dust and dirt, while always constant, can be quite a turn off if you are hoping to see a shiny at least new to the buyer home. Do your best to be on top of the cleaning schedule so not one thing can build up over time and create an issue.

Selling your home can be a tough situation in which all the pieces have to align to really come through with a deal. Bad impressions can speak volumes and you don’t want people to get the wrong impression of your home. Putting your best foot forward will help you secure a quick and profitable sale. To make sure you are doing all you can, do not forget to contact one of our Offices and Agents for more information on how to sell your home or perhaps buy a home here in the Hudson Valley.