These Are the Features That Home Buyers Really Want

What do buyers really want? It's a question that perpetually buzzes inside the heads of sellers, real estate professionals, and, of course, home builders, which is why each year the National Association of Home Builders creates their “What Home Buyers Really Want” report. The information in the report comes directly from recent and prospective home buyers, who were asked to rank their most-desired features in a home. The results of the 2019 survey revealed a clear winner, as 91% of buyers prioritized a laundry room as a key feature in their new home. Keep reading to learn about some of the other findings from the report.

Nearly 4,000 people who had either bought a home in the last three years or plan on doing so in the next three years were asked to rank the features which were most important to them. Out of the 175 options, a laundry room was ranked as a top desire by the largest percentage of respondents. Energy Star windows finished in second, with 89% of buyers listing it as a top feature. Here is the rest of the top ten:

  1. Laundry room: 91%
  2. Energy Star windows: 89%
  3. Patio: 87%
  4. Energy Star appliance: 86%
  5. Ceiling fan: 85%
  6. Garage storage: 85%
  7. Exterior lighting: 85%
  8. Walk-in pantry: 83%
  9. Hardwood flooring: 83%
  10. Double kitchen sink: 81%
  11. Energy Star–whole home: 81%

The survey also asked about buyers' preferences for some specific home options. For instance, 86% preferred an open layout kitchen/dining room compared to a more traditional compartmentalized kitchen. Another strong preference was seen with the placement of the laundry area, with 70% preferring that the washer and dryer be located on the first floor.

Of course, if you ask people to rank the features that they find most attractive, you will also learn which features are the least-desired. The bottom three included a two-story family room, being in a high-density development, and laminate kitchen countertops.

You can read about more of the report's findings by clicking here.