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Paint Colors That Make You Feel Good

Painting is a low cost way to dramatically spruce up a room, and most people can do it themselves without much trouble.

This video from Sherwin-Williams gives some good advice for homeowners looking to improve their living spaces and reflect their personality and lifestyle throughout the home.  Do keep in mind, however, that when you are preparing your home to sell, the opposite is the rule.  You want to de-personalize your home as much as possible.  Color is still important, but keeping it 'neutral' will attract more buyers.  

10 Low-Cost Ideas to Make Your Old Home Feel New

No one is immune to house fatigue. Regardless of how much you love your home, there's no shame in admitting that it's lost some of its luster over the years. Although you might have dreams of a complete redesign, the cost of a major renovation is prohibitively high for many home owners. Luckily, small changes can often have oversized effects on our perception of otherwise familiar spaces! In this post, you can read about 10 low-cost improvements that will bring new-home excitement back into your old house!

Kitchens Sell Houses - Inexpensive Improvements That Will Make Your Kitchen Shine

Kitchens sell houses . . . and bad kitchens cause houses to take longer to sell and for less money.  

Prepping Your Home For Sale Once You Move

So you have found the home of your dreams and you are finally moving out of your old house. This is the time you can really get to some of those cleaning and repair projects that might have been overlooked when you first listed your home. While you probably got some of the larger repairs out of the way when you decided to list these might be some of the small things that you may have not noticed. By doing these simple fixes your home will show in a much better light.

Renovations Can Bring About Important Questions

Once you decide to tackle a DIY or a contractor based renovation there are certain questions you need to ask yourself before you move forward with the work. If you decide to go ahead with a renovation without thinking through it completely it may lead to a failed attempt or even running out of money before the project is completed. Noone wants to live around a perpetual work zone that feels like it will never go away.